Thrift Session!

The other week I had the opportunity to visit the new National Pawn on Independence Blvd. They’re a consignment store stocked with luxury and designer goods, including Pandora, Rolex, KitchenAid and Apple products. The founder has an incredible heart for giving back and has made it his goal to change the stigma around consignment shopping. They pride themselves on customer service, give back to the community through youth sports programs and offer $1,000 scholarships.

I was immediately greeted with a smile and happily shown around the store by one of the managers, Isabel. She pointed out a number of luxury items and we enjoyed talking about the jewelry together, noting some of the unique vintage rings. I was surprised at the amount of designer bags, especially the Prada! There was an Hermès and Rolex watch, a few David Yurman pieces and so much Louis Vuitton.

Isabel mentioned things like guitars with amplifiers and bicycles are some of the things they move through quickly. They also had quite a bit of electronics and an impressive sneaker collection!

From my visit I chose to take home a new Apple Watch! I love being able to track my daily fitness goals among other things and grateful to Bolt PR and National Pawn for the opportunity to check out your store!

Here are the social media links if you need any more info.


rumbled in the [concrete] jungle

First time in NYC and was there for less than 48 hours. Did I have ridiculous amounts of FOMO over the things I didn’t get to do? Yes. Would I do it all over again anyway? HELL yes. In complete Nicola fashion, I started planning my workouts before my flight was even booked. There was no doubt in my mind about Rumble Boxing being on that list! When I first started my blog I followed a ton of fitness accounts on instagram, leading me to Rumble and a few of their incredible looking trainers. They’re currently in NY, LA, Philly, DC & San Fran. I also heard their co-founder Noah Neiman on a podcast I listen to called Diet Starts Tomorrow (by the Betches). The way he spoke about how fitness helped turn his life around absolutely inspired me and taking one of their classes has been on my bucket list since. I visited SF last summer but their location hadn’t opened yet, so when this NYC trip came to fruition, I knew it was go time baby!

Linked here: Podcast Episode

A drop in class is $36 but your first time you can book two as a BOGO deal. Naively signed up for this, the rosé we’d drink the night before the second class had another plan (specifically brunch plans). Either way, I felt like I got my money’s worth! We walked into the Upper East Side studio like kids in a candy store ogling the designer athleisure wear with Rumble logos. We each purchased things that came in a reusable draw string bag – love a keepsake. They carried all the brands I obsess over at home in Charlotte… I mean, just look at this Ultracor set!!!

We purchased wraps and rented gloves, then nervously waited for a light to come on that coordinated with our studio number. The building is three stories high with check-in desk, lobby and a small studio being on the first. The second floor held the studio we had class in and the third floor shared space with locker rooms and a dry bar (genius!) The light system is their way of letting you know the studio is cleaned from the class before and they’re ready for you to come up. This kind of organization speaks to my type A personality, OCD heart.

When it was time to walk upstairs the adrenaline was pumping! Noah had the music going, gave everyone a fist bump at the door and the energy was amped from the get go. Just. My. Style. The boxing bags were on one side of the room, stations with weights set up on the other and a platform in the center of the room where the instructor can change music/display screens/color of lights/etc. Rumble starts every class by “running through the 6” aka the 6 punches you’ll be utilizing on the bag (Jab, Cross, Rear Hook, Lead Hook, Rear Upper, Lead Upper). I really love that they do this because some people don’t know the proper technique and even if you do, it’s always beneficial to look at something as a beginner again. The boxing combos were displayed on a screen at the front of the room. When he was giving instructions to the weight stations, we would do ab work under the bag while we waited. We switched back and forth twice and I was spent by the end of class! We closed by standing in boxer stance looking in the mirror at ourselves while Noah affirmed our badassness. That’s the shit I like.

I was able to talk to him for a few minutes after class and tried to convince him to come to Charlotte. Maybe one day! The first thing he said to me was “you’re strong.” Let’s just say I can now die happy 😉

27 point Assessment (@theperformanceu)

Local businesses had some pretty sweet Black Friday deals, I didn’t buy anything but I DID take advantage of this offer one the SweatNet promoted (thanks guys!) A free 27 point assessment at the Performance Unlimited & a mini workout afterwards. Erin + Grace tagged along to get some pictures, so I’m happy to share in more detail what we did.

I worked with Billy (@freedomtoperform on insta) and we started out with an injury history. He said it is the most important part and starting point for all that they do. I let him know I sprained my ankle in high school soccer, no broken bones/surgeries in the past or current injuries (praise be!) The only thing that is prone to bothering me lately are my knees. I spin a ton & I think tight hip flexors and growing quads are a factor in that. He described that our knees are a stable joint, our ankles below and hips above being more mobile joints and that’s why our knees can tend to take the brunt of it sometimes.

He explained that they look at the body through this assessment as one working unit instead of concentrating on one area at a time. It made more sense to me after going through the Functional Movement Assessment. Here I maneuvered through various positions, doing them three times each. This is so they can see how you move (unloaded) through patterns typically found in their training process.

Some were challenging! From my understanding, if you experience any pain or discomfort during these movements, they’d then stop and use these tools to pinpoint exactly what movement is causing it (Functional Movement Screen). I luckily had no issues other than soreness from my workout the day before. It was interesting to see the difference in sides of my body in terms of flexibility. I could tell I was able to passively stretch my left leg further than my right leg (as opposed to active when someone can assist you). We also moved through some stabilizing poses.

The next thing we did was the range of motion assessment which allows them to isolate specific joints and see how they move. More specifically, how it can affect the movements we did during the beginning assessment (overhead squat, lunge, etc.) I mentioned my shoulders and chest are usually tight, I feel cramping under my clavicle at times. Up until now I’ve just been trying to stretch using a door frame and using a lacrosse ball to roll on a wall. Billy showed me some CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) to add to my daily routine and should help my range of motion.

Lastly, we did some loaded movement based on the information they gathered. This gave me a better idea of what their training process looks like and helped them to understand how I move might change with weight in my hands.

All of the people I came in contact with at the Performance Unlimited were so friendly and super knowledgeable! I’m thankful for the SweatNet connecting with them and helping me to step foot in and see what they’re all about. They KNOW their stuff and I highly recommend checking them out if you’re at all interested in what they do! They’re currently offering a 30 day trial period for anyone that wants to experience their process, training & culture for $89. Anyone interested would start with going through the assessment process as I did!

If you have any questions, please let me know! Or contact Billy Ward at

CLT yoga studios offering “Energy Exchange”

On one of my recent Instagram stories, I mentioned I participate in the studio support program at Yoga One. I had a number of inquiries about it, so I thought I’d round up a few more establishments that offer this type of program! First I’ll tell you about mine…

// YOGA ONE //

Yoga One has two locations – Dilworth (2230 Park Rd) & Plaza Midwood (1318 Central Ave). Their studio support program pays $7.25/hr and you are also compensated by receiving “Staff Priceless Practice Yoga”. You are required to have 4 shifts per month (they are scheduled around a class time which you can use to practice). They hire on an as-needed basis and you can apply by emailing Kelcey at

[Sidenote: I have been participating in this program for approx 5 years. It’s truly been a godsend, coming into my life when I needed it most. It has tremendously helped to hold me accountable when I “just don’t want to practice”… I’m already in the studio so I have no reason not to & SPOILER ALERT I always feel better after stepping on my mat.]

// Y2 //

Y2 yoga in Cotswold (282 S Sharon Amity Rd) has an energy exchange program where you earn free unlimited yoga by cleaning & helping to keep the facility in tip top shape. You can choose from having two 2hr shifts OR one 3hr shift per week. They do need to be consistent day(s). You can apply by emailing

// CPY //

Core Power Yoga has a Studio Experience Team (SET) and are currently hiring for their Park Rd Shopping Center location (540 Brandywine Rd) and their Midtown location opening soon (209 S Kings Dr). You’re required to have a 1.5hr shift per week, paid biweekly & in return get unlimited yoga at a discounted rate of $79/mo (which is deducted from your pay). If you’re interested in applying, email

// BE YOGA //

Be Yoga also has two locations (Dilworth) 1247 East Blvd in Kenilworth Commons. Be Yoga (Carmel) 7510 Pineville-Matthews Rd. They have an energy exchange for help with cleaning tasks (blankets, blocks, straps, etc.) and also to help with graphic design. They are currently full with graphic design but always looking for help with cleaning trade! Email to apply.

Race Day Recap

Race day is here and I’m equal parts excited and nervous. I googled what to eat for breakfast ’cause I’m not sure about this carb loading life (on purpose, anyway)… went with eggs & toast and took Margot to Dunkin for coffee like every other Saturday. The 5k wasn’t until 7pm so I decided to make it a self care day of sorts! Last weekend was action packed so I could totally use the chill time. I came home to put on a face mask and had an epsom bath bomb waiting in the wings. I laid on the couch & even took time to roll out my legs.

I checked the weather throughout the morning, there was about a 40% chance of rain (not all that encouraging for someone who barely likes running anyway). I thought to myself “you can’t control it so just get over it” and packed a dry pair of clothes for the car afterwards in case. The potential rain not to be outdone, I also started my period hours beforehand. I contemplated not even running, a wave of nausea came over me. Whether it was hormonal or me completely mind f*cking myself, I knew my thought process needed a 180. It’s only 3 miles and I have nothing to prove OR lose. The last 5k I ran was over 2 years ago. Although it was challenging, I remember feeling so good about myself afterwards and tried desperately to channel that energy.

I brought this card with me and used it as my mantra. This quote relates so perfectly to what goes on in my brain when I run. Even when there’s music pumping into my ears, I find a way to beat myself up mentally. I’m proud to say I did NOT let that happen during the run that evening. I started the race feeling great, when my pace evened out around mile 2 I could feel my quads start to heavy. Whenever I started to feel myself slip into negative self talk I chose to focus on my breathing. I stopped to walk twice during mile 3 but finished the race in a jog. When I saw that I completed in under 30 minutes I felt a sense of accomplishment.

I was reminded that whatever you continually tell yourself… you will start to believe. And I’m going to start believing I’m a runner.

Planning for success of ALL

A few teachers in the Charlotte fitness community have been talking about inclusivity and bringing more awareness to it. While thinking about my own experiences, I’m reminded it is something we ALL can work towards, not just the teachers/instructors/leaders. Inclusion is about giving value to every human and being valued for who you are. It involves feeling supportive energy from those around you so we’re able to give our best effort.

From partaking in modifications for every skill level (not just demonstrating) to socializing with someone new given the opportunity after a workout (not just the squad you came with)… I agree with ALL of the points mentioned to help become more aware of this idea. I’d also like to give my 2 cents on the subject, for what it’s worth, as a “fitness practitioner” if you will.

**I’m not a teacher** & I’m hella flattered when people thing I am – I just go to a SHIT TON of places to workout. Therefore, I’ve come across this inclusivity issue a time or two. The majority of it is in my brain. And I completely understand how one can feel that way in a new experience AND how an instructor can unintentionally generate that emotion if it’s already in your mindset.

I’m happy to say I’ve only walked into one place of business and felt truly unvalued. One out of the thirty I counted (probably more) that I’ve walked into in the past 6 months. And you know how I dealt with it? I don’t go there and I don’t talk about them, it’s their loss. I think the studios in Charlotte & surrounding do an amazing job of welcoming newcomers. There is ALWAYS room for improvement so I appreciate being able to continue discussing the topic.

From my personal experience, the times I’ve felt excluded, I was the one perpetuating that feeling in my own head. In a perfect world in the perfect workout class, the teacher would say hello to all of our smiling faces and we’d all just have the best workout ever! Not reality! We’re all human. We have shitty days. We feel lonely. We STRUGGLE to get in that room and break a sweat to possibly forget about something annoying that happened earlier in the day. The teacher is human. They might be trying to connect with each and every one of us while entering the room… but their playlist isn’t working on the stereo, a spin bike might need adjusting, someone has a question or an injury they need to bring attention to.

We’re not always going to get that pat on the back from another person. Whether it’s a smile, a hands on adjustment during class or a “great work today!” afterwards. When we’re looking for that something and don’t get it, then the doubt and uncertainty start to creep in. “Don’t they care I’m here?” The truth is, if we want to feel included we need to practice it with our peers. If you didn’t feel seen by the instructor, go say hi after class. If you saw someone you recognized from social media but weren’t brave enough to go “HEY STRANGER!” in fear you might be wrong, send them a message (literally happened to me at Rockbox this morning.) We can all make an effort in supporting one another. We’re all human. We all want to be seen & heard. Do your part ❤️

Jack of All Trades

Reflection is something that I tend to do often, whether consciously or not. Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through quotes on Pinterest, sifting through the cliché if-I-read-these-one-more-time-I’m-going-to-poke-my-eyeballs-out and then there are the few that just HIT. HOME. 💡 I recently passed the 6 month mark on my fitness journey and wanted to share two quotes that have been sincerely thought provoking for me. This first one I came across and immediately loved, although I think some people might miss the deeper meaning it encompasses. I did at first.

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Even when looking at it face value, it’s a powerful quote. Why would you want to be the smartest person in the room? Who would you learn from? When would you be perceived to be the smartest person in the room? Boss. Teacher. Instructor. When in reality, teachers learn from their students all the time. Through digging further into the connotation of the quote, I realized how much it applied to my current chapter of life. If you *think* you are the smartest person in the room, you’re closing yourself off. Closing your mind from learning from others, from obtaining personal growth, from gaining new experiences and the lot of it. I’ve learned more about myself in the past 6 months than I have in YEARS and it’s because of the people I’m constantly coming in contact with… sharing their stories, lending their knowledge and walking along side one another in our personal journeys knowing we are not alone. All in all… you may not be in the wrong room, you may be looking at the room the wrong way.

The second quote was shared by an NYC trainer I adore on Instagram who works for Peloton. Someone asked her for advice concerning her fitness career and she replied saying find what you’re good at, hone in on your specialty and added “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Now, the reason I follow her isn’t because she’s a running instructor (literally running is my nemesis) it’s because she shares an abundance of things! She can rock a handstand press, she kills it on the punching bag, she dances phenomenally and her ABS omg her abs. Just all around goals. (@rksolidnyc)

At first the wonderful advice she gave made sense but the more I tried to administer it to my life, it gave me a little anxiety. I can’t possibly pick just one thing?! That’s like picking a favorite child (or so I hear). I’m having a BLAST doing what I’m doing now by bouncing around place to place, it keeps me from getting bored. But maybe running is just her thing. Maybe she dabbled in a variety of exercise before figuring out which one served her the greatest. I guess it’s possible it could happen, I’m very curious as to where this path will lead me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the quotes and how you interpret them! Or your current favorite quote that made a lightbulb go off. Feel free to comment on here or my Instagram @nicolafatti 💗 photos taken by the amazing @sweatnetclt crew!

The Uprising

For those of y’all in the Huntersville area, I wanted to share my experience trying out Uprising Fitness. Even if you’re not close, it’s totally worth the drive! I’m currently living in the University area (Mama Fatti’s for the time being) and still work in Dilworth. I’m enjoying being right in the middle of Charlotte and Huntersville, able to expand my horizons a little bit.

It’s been quite the adjustment for me with the location change to try and find something in North Charlotte that accommodates my new schedule (aka avoiding traffic like the plague) as well as challenging my current fitness level. As you know, I love my RockBox but the Huntersville location was a little more crowded on the weekend than I anticipated. There is a 9Round in University and I do really like their workouts, yet sometimes I leave there wanting more, just because it is only 30 minutes. (It is GREAT for people on the go, who have time constraints and want to get in & out, etc.) One place I still have not tried is Orange Theory, there is one within walking distance from our house and I WILL get in there eventually (once I remind myself enough times that I do not hate running).

WHEW! So, needless to say I was very pleased to find Uprising Fitness in Huntersville. Think “boutique fitness” in terms of quaint space, clients that have become friends and welcome newcomers into their uprising family, and the facility owner as the main coach. Oh and a sweet dog named Tess who greeted me at the door. Dog people are my people.

I was early per usual and Jon took a few minutes to explain the different types of classes they offered and showed me around the space. There are two chalk boards with class info, one detailing which day of the week is what class and the other breaking down that day’s workout. The three classes are called Fury, Mayhem and Mettle. You can find their schedule on the MindBody App and it gives a brief description. Fury is considered circuit training, power/endurance focused on short aggressive intervals (bring your boxing gloves for this one). Mayhem is also categorized as circuit and works on strength/endurance using body weight training. Mettle is listed as strength training working on strength/power using a controlled and deliberate circuit to put the body through fundamental elements of weighted movement.

The class I signed up for was Fury. We did 3 movements the entire time, rotating at various durations. The punching bag was one of them (YAY! Current fav) the other two I had never done before so I was a little nervous. A weighted jump rope and what people call the “devil’s tricycle”. Let’s just go ahead and say it kicked my ass in the best way possible. After the circuit portion was done there was a burnout for the finisher. In my opinion, THIS is where the energy from the people working out around you is crucial. Afterwards, my mom met me at Birkdale to shop and kept trying to talk to me, I was all “just hold on lady, I need a minute.” Haha it took me some time to recover. But seriously, it was one of the best workouts I’ve had in a while. The people in class who frequent this studio were SO friendly and welcoming! Even though I might’ve felt like I was dying during certain parts, they were all very encouraging to one another throughout. The energy in the room was positive and elevating and that’s something I want to be a part of! Your FIRST CLASS IS FREE! I’m signed up for this Saturday’s (June 30th) Mayhem class at 9am.

SEE YA THERE! ❤️ Nicola

Megababe Review!

Hey y’all! I came across this product on Instagram and have been meaning to scoop it up to try for weeks now. Finally purchased online and afterwards I realized it’s available at Ulta (but it came in this adorable pink package so whatevs!) The brand is called Megababe, founded by Katie Sturino (@the12ishstyle) and she created a non-toxic deodorant, anti sweat boob spray & anti chafe stick.

I personally have been on the hunt for a quality non-toxic deodorant for years. I have tried numerous brands, some were horrible and I smelled disgusting within hours (coughtomscough), others barely cutting it but unable to reapply because of irritating ingredients (pit paste) and a lot in between. I know others struggle with this as well, especially in the fitness community because we’re pretty stinky humans and have to reapply throughout the day. Honestly, I’ve gone back and forth using natural deodorant to using the mainstream aluminum shit that’s bad for you just because 1. It’s easy to grab at the grocery store for convenience sake and 2. I don’t want to feel self conscious and always smell checking myself just in case!

I also have been blessed with thick thighs that “high five” as the Megababe package says (um, love that!) I GET CHUB RUB. There I said it. Yes I used to put deodorant on my inner thighs before wearing shorts, a skirt or a dress. Yes it would wear off, unfortunately before the end of the evening and ultimately create painful chafing OW. Therefore I purchased both Rosy Pits and Thigh Rescue. (I didn’t purchase the Bust Dust because ain’t nothing stopping this girl’s boob sweat and I choose my battles wisely.)

I want to mention that I could smell the Rosy Pits as soon as I opened the package. It’s not an over powering scent but think roses mixed with sandalwood, it’s like the perfect mix of sweet and woodsy. The first day I tested it, I applied it in the morning before a madabolic workout. I’m a nanny so I usually just put on a fresh pair of workout clothes (no shower, lucky kids) and go about my day. No residue on my clothing. I did not have to reapply AND I did not smell like a sweaty monster. JOB. WELL. DONE.

For the Thigh Rescue test, I got all gussied up. *RARE OCCURRENCE* Ladies & Gentlemen, if you get chub rub and are looking for a fix, THE HUNT IS OVER!!! I was skeptical, not going to lie. When I applied this there was an oily consistency to it that made me think “well how the hell is that going to work?” It didn’t seem thick enough or something. I went to a wedding, that evening and walked a couple blocks to the reception from the church in the southern heat which is the ultimate test. At the end of the night, thighs were unscathed! Black magic. I don’t have the scientific answers but it freaking worked wonders! I’ll post a picture of the back with list of ingredients below.

While you’re at it, go follow @megababe and @the12ishstyle on Instagram. She’s pretty effing cool (and v smart) THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS PRODUCT! You’ve officially saved my pits & thighs this summer. Oh also, if you try and are not happy with the product you can return for full refund! How bout dah.

“If you’re anything less than mega happy with your purchase, we will gladly take it back for a full refund. Please shoot us a note at with your order number and the products you’d like to return and we’ll take it from there!”

The Breakdown

Hello again! It’s been a while since I posted last, life got crazy. I can definitely feel the shift of energy with the summer solstice approaching. From what I’ve read, it’s a time to shed old patterns that are no longer serving us and if we’re not willing to do that on our own the universe likes to give us a little push 😉 I’ve been a bit of a Debbie downer at times, thinking these random unfortunate things are happening TO me. I felt like I was getting it from every angle some days and it was hard not to get in a “woe is me” state of mind. It takes reminding that these random things are happening FOR you. They are not coincidences, they’re situations we must grow through and experiences that are shaping our future being.

I put up an insta story asking if y’all had any questions about what I’ve been doing recently and I loved all the responses! Thank you for connecting with me and giving me another reason to share my journey. I thought giving a brief recap would help and then I’ll tell you about something new I did this week!

I started personal training January 21st of this year and since then I’ve lost 25 lbs to date. I probably worked out 3x per week back then and since it has gradually grown to 6x a week. I feel obnoxious typing that and honestly it’s hard to believe as I read it back. I always wondered how people who worked out before/after work DID it?! How did they have time?! Weren’t they exhausted?! The truth is simply… they MADE time. And yes at times now I feel exhausted but as a whole I feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. I believe my success can be attributed to engaging in different styles of classes and “tricking my body” so to speak, by switching it up daily. I’ve been to numerous places and try to share that as much as possible on my instagram.

A couple people were curious about what my food intake looks like and if I tried the keto diet (LOL @ my crazy rant after listening to the dietician on the podcast!) I do NOT follow a certain diet, macros still confuse me. I listen to my body when it’s hungry and yes I eat carbs. I carry around protein bars (ONE & EPIC are two of my favs), love substituting a smoothie or shake if I feel like I need it, and if I’m in a pinch I grab the grilled nuggets at Chick-fil-A. I try to be a little more strict during the week so I can relax and not care if I go all out for brunch/mimosas on the weekend.

Now for the new thing I tried…

If you’ve seen people posting pics of their smoothies with motivational quotes on them — PROJECT LEAN NATION! They just started that FYI and it’s freaking genius. They’re kind of tucked away on Hawkins but it’s right near Sycamore Brewery and I know y’all know where that is! PLN carries prepackaged meals with the nutritional information and ingredients clearly listed.

So I’ve been popping in there once or twice a week for smoothies and they are ALL delish. I got these meals from a SweatNet event, ate them both yesterday and felt fueled for my PM Madabolic workout. I’ve seen others in the CLT fitness community take advantage of the Body Composition Analysis they offer and I’ve been interested in trying it myself. If you have a membership at Madabolic they will scan you for free! Otherwise it is $25, which is reasonable for the information because it was SO NEAT to see the numbers. It tells you your weight, skeletal muscle mass, percent body fat, BMI, segmental lean analysis (left/right arm and leg and trunk) and your basal metabolic rate.

It’s seriously fascinating to look at the breakdown of your body comp! The number that was most interesting for me to see is the basal metabolic rate which is the number of calories your body burns daily when it’s not doing anything (literally in bed watching Netflix YES PLZ). SO COOL RIGHT?! That’s a good number to know! I’m all about breaking down things into layman’s terms because 1. Math is not my strong suit 2. Some of this shit is confusing AF. You always hear people say “to lose weight you have to burn more than you’re taking in.” I’m like ok but I def ate way more calories than the 400 I just burned in that class? I never understood until now!

So if that interests you also I highly suggest going by and trying it out. They use your phone number as your ID so each time you plug it in, you can see the changes in your body. If you go by, let me know what you think!

Until next time my friends… 💋 have a good weekend!!!

xxoo Nicola