rumbled in the [concrete] jungle

First time in NYC and was there for less than 48 hours. Did I have ridiculous amounts of FOMO over the things I didn’t get to do? Yes. Would I do it all over again anyway? HELL yes. In complete Nicola fashion, I started planning my workouts before my flight was even booked. There was no doubt in my mind about Rumble Boxing being on that list! When I first started my blog I followed a ton of fitness accounts on instagram, leading me to Rumble and a few of their incredible looking trainers. They’re currently in NY, LA, Philly, DC & San Fran. I also heard their co-founder Noah Neiman on a podcast I listen to called Diet Starts Tomorrow (by the Betches). The way he spoke about how fitness helped turn his life around absolutely inspired me and taking one of their classes has been on my bucket list since. I visited SF last summer but their location hadn’t opened yet, so when this NYC trip came to fruition, I knew it was go time baby!

Linked here: Podcast Episode

A drop in class is $36 but your first time you can book two as a BOGO deal. Naively signed up for this, the rosé we’d drink the night before the second class had another plan (specifically brunch plans). Either way, I felt like I got my money’s worth! We walked into the Upper East Side studio like kids in a candy store ogling the designer athleisure wear with Rumble logos. We each purchased things that came in a reusable draw string bag – love a keepsake. They carried all the brands I obsess over at home in Charlotte… I mean, just look at this Ultracor set!!!

We purchased wraps and rented gloves, then nervously waited for a light to come on that coordinated with our studio number. The building is three stories high with check-in desk, lobby and a small studio being on the first. The second floor held the studio we had class in and the third floor shared space with locker rooms and a dry bar (genius!) The light system is their way of letting you know the studio is cleaned from the class before and they’re ready for you to come up. This kind of organization speaks to my type A personality, OCD heart.

When it was time to walk upstairs the adrenaline was pumping! Noah had the music going, gave everyone a fist bump at the door and the energy was amped from the get go. Just. My. Style. The boxing bags were on one side of the room, stations with weights set up on the other and a platform in the center of the room where the instructor can change music/display screens/color of lights/etc. Rumble starts every class by “running through the 6” aka the 6 punches you’ll be utilizing on the bag (Jab, Cross, Rear Hook, Lead Hook, Rear Upper, Lead Upper). I really love that they do this because some people don’t know the proper technique and even if you do, it’s always beneficial to look at something as a beginner again. The boxing combos were displayed on a screen at the front of the room. When he was giving instructions to the weight stations, we would do ab work under the bag while we waited. We switched back and forth twice and I was spent by the end of class! We closed by standing in boxer stance looking in the mirror at ourselves while Noah affirmed our badassness. That’s the shit I like.

I was able to talk to him for a few minutes after class and tried to convince him to come to Charlotte. Maybe one day! The first thing he said to me was “you’re strong.” Let’s just say I can now die happy 😉

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