The Uprising

For those of y’all in the Huntersville area, I wanted to share my experience trying out Uprising Fitness. Even if you’re not close, it’s totally worth the drive! I’m currently living in the University area (Mama Fatti’s for the time being) and still work in Dilworth. I’m enjoying being right in the middle of Charlotte and Huntersville, able to expand my horizons a little bit.

It’s been quite the adjustment for me with the location change to try and find something in North Charlotte that accommodates my new schedule (aka avoiding traffic like the plague) as well as challenging my current fitness level. As you know, I love my RockBox but the Huntersville location was a little more crowded on the weekend than I anticipated. There is a 9Round in University and I do really like their workouts, yet sometimes I leave there wanting more, just because it is only 30 minutes. (It is GREAT for people on the go, who have time constraints and want to get in & out, etc.) One place I still have not tried is Orange Theory, there is one within walking distance from our house and I WILL get in there eventually (once I remind myself enough times that I do not hate running).

WHEW! So, needless to say I was very pleased to find Uprising Fitness in Huntersville. Think “boutique fitness” in terms of quaint space, clients that have become friends and welcome newcomers into their uprising family, and the facility owner as the main coach. Oh and a sweet dog named Tess who greeted me at the door. Dog people are my people.

I was early per usual and Jon took a few minutes to explain the different types of classes they offered and showed me around the space. There are two chalk boards with class info, one detailing which day of the week is what class and the other breaking down that day’s workout. The three classes are called Fury, Mayhem and Mettle. You can find their schedule on the MindBody App and it gives a brief description. Fury is considered circuit training, power/endurance focused on short aggressive intervals (bring your boxing gloves for this one). Mayhem is also categorized as circuit and works on strength/endurance using body weight training. Mettle is listed as strength training working on strength/power using a controlled and deliberate circuit to put the body through fundamental elements of weighted movement.

The class I signed up for was Fury. We did 3 movements the entire time, rotating at various durations. The punching bag was one of them (YAY! Current fav) the other two I had never done before so I was a little nervous. A weighted jump rope and what people call the “devil’s tricycle”. Let’s just go ahead and say it kicked my ass in the best way possible. After the circuit portion was done there was a burnout for the finisher. In my opinion, THIS is where the energy from the people working out around you is crucial. Afterwards, my mom met me at Birkdale to shop and kept trying to talk to me, I was all “just hold on lady, I need a minute.” Haha it took me some time to recover. But seriously, it was one of the best workouts I’ve had in a while. The people in class who frequent this studio were SO friendly and welcoming! Even though I might’ve felt like I was dying during certain parts, they were all very encouraging to one another throughout. The energy in the room was positive and elevating and that’s something I want to be a part of! Your FIRST CLASS IS FREE! I’m signed up for this Saturday’s (June 30th) Mayhem class at 9am.

SEE YA THERE! ❤️ Nicola

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