CLT yoga studios offering “Energy Exchange”

On one of my recent Instagram stories, I mentioned I participate in the studio support program at Yoga One. I had a number of inquiries about it, so I thought I’d round up a few more establishments that offer this type of program! First I’ll tell you about mine…

// YOGA ONE //

Yoga One has two locations – Dilworth (2230 Park Rd) & Plaza Midwood (1318 Central Ave). Their studio support program pays $7.25/hr and you are also compensated by receiving “Staff Priceless Practice Yoga”. You are required to have 4 shifts per month (they are scheduled around a class time which you can use to practice). They hire on an as-needed basis and you can apply by emailing Kelcey at

[Sidenote: I have been participating in this program for approx 5 years. It’s truly been a godsend, coming into my life when I needed it most. It has tremendously helped to hold me accountable when I “just don’t want to practice”… I’m already in the studio so I have no reason not to & SPOILER ALERT I always feel better after stepping on my mat.]

// Y2 //

Y2 yoga in Cotswold (282 S Sharon Amity Rd) has an energy exchange program where you earn free unlimited yoga by cleaning & helping to keep the facility in tip top shape. You can choose from having two 2hr shifts OR one 3hr shift per week. They do need to be consistent day(s). You can apply by emailing

// CPY //

Core Power Yoga has a Studio Experience Team (SET) and are currently hiring for their Park Rd Shopping Center location (540 Brandywine Rd) and their Midtown location opening soon (209 S Kings Dr). You’re required to have a 1.5hr shift per week, paid biweekly & in return get unlimited yoga at a discounted rate of $79/mo (which is deducted from your pay). If you’re interested in applying, email

// BE YOGA //

Be Yoga also has two locations (Dilworth) 1247 East Blvd in Kenilworth Commons. Be Yoga (Carmel) 7510 Pineville-Matthews Rd. They have an energy exchange for help with cleaning tasks (blankets, blocks, straps, etc.) and also to help with graphic design. They are currently full with graphic design but always looking for help with cleaning trade! Email to apply.

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