Get up and Show Up

Last night I had a random realization about what it takes for me to get up and out the door for an early am workout. It’s not profound by any means but it made me curious if this thought process occurs for others as well. Coincidentally, it took me sleeping in and *not* going to my usual early-as-shit workouts to realize what doesn’t work for me… to be able to see clearly what DOES work. Life is weird.

For months I’ve been committed to early morning (5:30/6am) workouts a few times a week. Oddly enough, I NEVER thought I’d be this person, and used to prefer PM sweat sessions. My body naturally started waking me up earlier, sometimes 4:30am even on days when I didn’t need to be awake. This annoyed me at first and then I would take advantage of it. I would eventually get out of bed and start my morning routine with a little more time to kill.

For whatever reason this week, I have more PM sessions scheduled, leaving my mornings open. I’ve been doing some 2-a-days depending on how my body feels. In my mind I’ve been leaving the option open to myself whether or not to get up and go to a class. I’ve gone to bed the past couple nights with the thought of “oh I’m sure I’ll be awake in time to do xyz…” WHEN IN REALITY… my butt did not get up.

This made me wonder… What even makes me prepared to go workout in the morning?! Booking class or scheduling time with someone is HUGE. This holds you/me/whoever accountable. Setting alarms like a psychopath is something I do best. 5:00am 5:05am 5:10am. On my phone, on Alexa, making my boyfriend call me to make sure I’m awake (LOL) seriously I’m paranoid and should probably relax about the alarm situation but it works for me!

Ok here’s my most “profound” realization (hehe jk) — Going to sleep with the mindset that this workout or whatever it is… IT IS 100% HAPPENING (no maybes). I believe this is the most important thing for me!!! Anyone else?! Like telling yourself this is a non negotiable. Any excuse I have in the morning will. not. work. Do whatever you need to do to set yourself up for success. Have your clothes set out. Put your water bottle on the counter. Message the damn teacher on social media like HEY GIRL I’m gonna be in your 6am class. So when your mind is all “no” you can be like but so-and-so is teaching and I love her and we’re fucking going.

Sooo that’s my thought process and hopefully you all don’t think I’m a crazy person now. Just maybe this will resonate with someone who is reading. We all think and go about things differently — for those who are already in their groove, keep it going! Share what works for you in hopes it inspires others. Have a beautiful day friends! XOXO

(Pictures are from Jamie Scott Fitness at their Front Porch Sunday’s event. 11:00am Sunday before the 12-5 pop up shops open at Sycamore Brewing! Check their websites/instagrams for schedules @jsfsouthend @frontporchsundays)


Progress Not Perfection

I don’t know about y’all but this week has *almost* gotten the best of me. Thankfully the sun is coming back out in Charlotte and rain is NOT in the forecast for as far as I can see on my weather app PRAISE JESUS! Maybe it’s because I came off a pop up shop high from the Girl Tribe ladies this past weekend?! Ha! One thing is certain – we made it to FRIYAY! 🙏🏼 So many fun things happening around town… hello Shake Shack! Moo & Brew is this weekend (so sad to miss this) and outdoor bootcamps / yoga glasses at breweries are starting up again which is always a good thing.

One new fitness community that I am SO excited for is BLOC! It’s right in Dilworth and offers cardio dance, rocket yoga, primal classes (mobility, fight & evolve). I took the rocket yoga class with Jaimis last week, it was AH-MAZING. There was such a childlike playfulness about class. Even though everyone was at different skill levels, I felt like we were all open to trying what she was offering up, able to drop expectations and just have a good. ass. time. To me, that is what yoga is all about ❤️ I haven’t yet taken one of Katie or Aaron’s dance cardio classes but their videos look like a hella good time and I cannot wait to try! I’m not exactly certain what the primal classes involve but I do know that BLOC has boxing bags hung up so I am 100% hitting those in the foreseeable future. They are having their grand opening party today, so go by and show some love!

This week I saw I Feel Pretty with my mama, it is such a fantastic movie! Hilarious and all too real. It’s been thought provoking in terms of body positivity and also how I can keep my eyes open as a beginner would, even though I’ve experienced something prior. There’s a scene where Amy Schumer’s character is terrified walking into Soul Cycle with all of these gorgeous people around her… let’s be serious, who HASN’T felt that way?! So damn relatable. It takes enough courage to walk in the doors of fitness facilities, not to mention the things we start to tell ourselves during our workout. I for one know my brain can be cruel to my body no matter how hard I try not to. Hey, we’re all human!

If you’ve been following my blog you know that I’ve been working with a personal trainer since January and bee-bopping around the city trying all the things! I’m almost 20 lbs down yet it’s crazy to me that I can still look in the mirror at times and pick apart my body. I have come SO FAR and at times it’s hard to see the big picture. This week in particular the number on the scale was annoying me. I try to remember that I’m not only losing fat but gaining muscle. Normally with Taylor she does measurements and takes body fat percentage every 8 weeks, but I asked her to use the handheld machine to see what I was at. 31.2% body fat compared to 36.7% on January 21st. Holy shit! I wanted to smack myself. How dare I beat myself up?!

The hardest part about this all hasn’t been waking up before the sun to workout or trying to adhere to eating healthier, it’s simply being kinder to myself. I saw a quote a few days ago that read something like “Even if we all ate the same meals and did the same workouts, our bodies would still all look different.” It was one of the best reminders I’ve ever had. So just remember that if you’re feeling doubt or insecurities come up wherever you are in your journey, happiness is not size specific. And YOU GOT THIS. All the love!!!

xxoo Nicola

Be a Woman to Watch.

I’m taking this rainy Sunday to reflect on the past couple weeks and to think about what I want to change (or keep the same) in the week ahead. I’ve been in a good grove, staying consistent with working out and also finding balance with work and play. Even though my schedule is packed, I’m comforted that instead of feeling too busy or drained, I feel accomplished and capable of staying the path.

As I was thinking about some of the new things I’ve tried lately, I realized that the majority of them are because of someone or something I saw on Instagram. My personal trainer Taylor always asks me where I find all the other classes I take – “Instagram!” I went to Rockbox for the first time because a couple of Cycle Bar teachers I started following put the class time they were going to on their insta stories. (Shout out to Erin and Brittany! 👋🏼) I was referred to Title Boxing Club Ayrsley by Logan, a trainer at Jamie Scott Fitness, who I was connected with by you guessed it… Instagram.

Social media can be a slippery slope and at the same time such an instrumental part of our lives. There was a time where I needed a break from it as a whole. It’s one of the hardest things in the world not to compare yourself to others. Disconnecting to take a breather was the right thing for me during that period. I’m grateful to have a new viewpoint and a different attitude towards it currently. I’m learning you can admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own. I attribute my newfound perspective to feeling more confident in my skin. I want to compliment others and magnify strengths, to be an encourager and not a critic.

I love seeing how other people incorporate health and fitness into their lives. A ton of pages I come across are people who workout at home – I give them MAD props! I think that takes a whole other level of dedication. I enjoy seeing people commenting positive and uplifting messages on each others posts. Seeing a sense of community being built is so invigorating. If some random stranger on Instagram inspires you, let them know! Be the person that makes someone else feel good about themselves… we could all use a little more of that. I hope everyone has an amazing week ahead!

xxoo Nicola

She Who Dares…

Sometimes you find inspiration and other times inspiration finds you. Like this quote I saw on an Old Navy tank top (yes, seriously) “She Who Dares”… What is the rest of the quote? Is that it? What does it mean? More importantly what does it mean TO YOU?

This quote found me at the perfect time. I’m 10 weeks into this journey that I don’t exactly have a name for. Almost 13 pounds down and have tried more workouts in this time period than ever in my 31 years combined. It’s becoming less about the number on the scale and more about the person I’m transforming into. I’m increasingly conscious about how I speak to myself. I don’t care as much if I f*ck up, or look stupid or make a mistake. I’m eating to live and not living to eat. Do I still slip and eat an entire bag of sun chips in one sitting while watching Netflix? Hell yeah! I’m putting in enough work to where those things don’t affect me as much as before and I’m hopping right back on that train.

One aspect that’s been challenging for me is stepping into the unknown in terms of social settings. I like to joke that I’ve been doing a lot of “extroverting” lately while trying these different classes. It’s been emotionally draining at times as someone who is a true introvert and creature of habit. And what I’ve learned from it is… IT’S OK.

It’s ok to feel that way, it’s ok to be socially awkward at times, it’s ok to want to close up and shut down. It takes courage to push through uncertainties and difficulties. That is where walls are broken down and transformation happens. That is what keeps me opening a new door, getting on a bike, stepping on my mat, putting down my phone and looking someone in the eyes and having an authentic conversation. There is power in vulnerability and that is why I’m daring to continue on this path that I’m on… wherever it’s taking me.

I’d love to hear what keeps YOU motivated and inspired. We’re all in this together ❤️ and as always, I’m here as a workout buddy if anyone wants to try something new but hesitant to go alone. Thank you for reading!

Finding your workout niche

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been trying a number of new workouts. It’s been 7 weeks since starting with my personal trainer and I believe it’s truly been a catalyst in this process. I haven’t worked out this frequently in my entire life! I have a ton of momentum right now and I’m honestly enjoying breaking out of my norm. It’s easy to fall into a groove and feel like you’re stuck on autopilot. What I’ve learned through joining new programs or having conversations with others in a new studio or class is this… Charlotte has SO much to offer in this department.

For instance, I recently joined SweatNetCLT, which is a monthly membership for under $10. It offers discounted prices at local businesses, whether it be a yoga studio or a cafe – they have a list of participants and the membership benefits. They also have free classes for SweatNet members! Just in the next two weeks I’m signed up for an AIR yoga class and a bootcamp style class at Queen Park Social. I love being able to reach out to them for questions, recommendations, photos that they may have taken at the events or just seeing what Charlotte’s ambassadors are up to. It’s such an awesome idea for the community and I’m so happy that I decided to give it a try!

Another local business that I’ve been sweating with periodically is Fit Atelier. They’re a local athleisure boutique that hosts classes with different trainers/teachers. I’ve been taking advantage of this (and using my sweatnet discount for 10% off ticket prices) by trying Hilliard Studio Method classes and West Kept Secret — which I LOVED. They have the schedule on their website and post on their Instagram when tickets go on sale. And you get to shop before/after your workout?! Count. Me. In.

There are two other workouts I tried for the first time this week. I saw Lewis Fitness on Instagram (@plew39) doing group training sessions and set up a time to check it out! (FYI a lot of personal trainers will let you do your first session with them for free) I think it’s beneficial to feel out the vibe and see if it’s something that’s for you or not. Word of the wise, ask how long the session is. Ha! I normally do my 1 on 1 training sessions with Taylor for 30 minutes and Lewis Fitness has their group sessions for 1 hour. I went in thinking it was 30 minutes – guess they don’t call him “crazy trainer dude” for nothin’! There were 3 other women in the session with me and I really liked being able to look over at them when I wanted to quit and see how they were pushing themselves – total motivator! We did partner work as well and it was a great way to keep pushing myself because I had someone else counting on me to get through it. Already scheduled my next session!

The second new class was Pure Barre (I won a free week via Instagram giveaway). But then when I logged on to schedule class I realized they offer your first week free to everyone! Amazing! Well, let’s just say I’ve never felt so uncoordinated in my life LOL! Both teachers I had were very encouraging and understood it was my first week, coming over for assists to correct my form. I always appreciate that because I want to make sure I get what I came for. And HOLY SHAKE… They work some new muscle groups for sure. I don’t know that I’ll continue this class regularly, maybe throw it in here or there. That’s the best part about stepping out of your comfort zone, you find out what works for you and what doesn’t. No harm in trying!

Some classes that are on my list to try in the near future are Madabolic and Chakti yoga. If you’re apprehensive about trying a new class and can’t find a workout buddy, reach out to me, I will 100% go with you! Accountability is key!

My week in workouts!

The unthinkable happened… I worked out for SEVEN days straight. Who am I?! I did have an adult temper tantrum midweek but we’ll get into that later. Today is day 7 out of 7, I feel strong yet in tune with my body and in control of what I’m putting into it. I mentioned in an earlier blog post about the juice cleanse, how I had difficulty getting into the swing of things after the new year. I continued with my routine yoga practice and was eating relatively healthy but I knew if I wanted to see the results I was seeking I needed to do something extra.

I decided to break out the big guns and start working out with a personal trainer. My sister trained with Taylor Calamese before her wedding and she looked freaking stunning – so I knew whatever magic workouts she had in her back pocket could whip me into shape too. I messaged her on insta, she told me how much it was for 8 sessions, made an appointment and BOOM I got myself a trainer! I’ll go ahead and say I’m an introvert, I’m intimidated by gyms and not knowing what to do on the equipment and after only four sessions with Taylor I am positive that personal training is fitting for my personality. For anyone who has never tried it and is wondering whether you might like it – I personally recommend it but I do think the trainer’s methods/intensity/etc will be something that has to mesh with you! (It’s probably a lot like finding a good therapist? Amirite?!) Taylor always has a smile on her face, is encouraging and knowledgeable, and she talks to me like a friend.

So after 3 weeks I’m down 7 lbs! Woop woop!!! I have seriously cut down on my snacking and I’m a work in progress in terms of creating healthy meals. Preparation. Is. Key. Some days/hours/minutes are harder than others (hence the hump day breakdown) but I feel amazing as a whole. I love the feeling of challenging myself in new ways and being able to step out of my comfort zone! I’ll go ahead and breakdown my physical activity this week…

Sunday • I went to Fitness Connection with my mom. Kathy is getting her fitness on too, yes girl! I did this elliptical/stair stepper hybrid machine as a warm up. I saw a bosu ball from across the room and knew I wanted to try a workout on that bad boy even if I had to put it on the floor in front of everyone and chance looking like an idiot. Whatevs. I googled some workouts on the bosu and ended up getting a good sweat out of it! Pushups and mountain climbers on the flat side up, squats and lunges on ball side up. Then I convinced Kathy to get off the elliptical and we did some weights with our arms together. Finished with abs!

Monday • I was contemplating whether or not to work out after work while on the phone with my boyfriend. He said go ahead and go to spin you won’t regret it! He was right. Prime example of how important it is to have a support system around you! I’ve been going to Ride or Die Spin off Clanton Rd and LOVE it! (Psst you can get 5 classes for $55 this month!!!) The energy in the room is contagious and they always have bomb playlists!

Tuesday • I am grateful to be a part of the Yoga One community and participate in their studio support program. I normally have my shift around a Tuesday evening class and I chose to go straight from work to Daniel’s 5:45pm class. He always brings the heat (and laughs) highly recommend taking a class of his if you haven’t already!

Wednesday • I signed up for a 7 day trial at the new Anytime Fitness on South Blvd and had a training session with Emily Babcock. She is one of the owners of Fityoulous, the athleisure boutique in South End, she’s also a personal trainer! I wanted to see how I liked training sessions in a gym setting. She had a couple circuit workouts planned for me… holy sweat sesh! She knows her stuff and made me feel comfortable so I wasn’t too worried about anything else that was going on around me at the gym. I think trying out their group training sessions will be a future goal of mine.

Thursday • Cue breakdown day. I had a 6am appointment with Taylor. I always weigh myself on her scale just to compare with mine at home. As I was doing my 3 minute warmup on the treadmill we talked about how I felt like my efforts (workout and eating) should’ve reflected differently on the scale. I should know better than weighing myself daily. Hell, I just bought the stinking scale a couple weeks ago. We did butterfly sit-ups, mountain climbers, triceps dips (hate), jumping jacks, push-ups and some resistance band work. I also had some tire troubles that morning which could’ve been the catalyst to my tears but it was fixed relatively quickly. Midway through the day I couldn’t contain my emotions (possibly about the number on the scale or the fact that it felt like it should’ve been Friday and it wasn’t) I was mentally and physically exhausted. I knew I was putting too much pressure on myself.

Friday • TGIF!!! I signed up for 7pm Deep Stretch at Yoga One Central (with Tai) that morning and looked forward to it all day. I hadn’t taken that class in months and I knew it was exactly what my body needed. I watched the sunset at Peculiar Rabbit before class, it was a glorious night. I felt rejuvenated! Saturday • 9:30am yoga with Rachel via NC Yoga Bar at Fityoulous. She had some awesome dynamic sequences that were def challenging! I even put a little makeup on beforehand because I didn’t expect to sweat that much… was I wrong! Love any opportunity to sip & shop after a workout too! Fityoulous is having a Galentine’s in Tuesday evening so check it out if you’re still looking for something to do!

…and on the 8th day she will rest 💗 I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Pushing the reset button.

Hello 2018! I took a little hiatus –I’m back and ready to share some freshness with y’all! I didn’t make a resolution this year but overall improvement on health and wellness is always in the back of my mind, as I’m sure it is with many of you. I found myself in a holiday fog of sorts after over a week off from work and eating whatever what was put in front of me (thanks Kath)! My Y membership is through my employers *SO thankful for that BTW* but it’s been put on hold until spring and I’ve been slacking on my yoga practice. I felt like I needed a pick me up to get me motivated and back on track!

Juicing and cleanses sort of waver in popularity but I think it’s a great way to “push the reset button” if you will. I want to remind my body how amazing it can feel when the right nutrients are put into it and I’m consciously aware of drinking water in between meals. I’m embarrassed to say I actually have a juicer collecting dust on the top of my fridge right now. There is a lot of preparation that goes into grocery shopping for the fruits/veggies/additives and not to mention it gets expensive. Also, the clean up… so. much. pulp.

So I decided to purchase a one day cleanse from Juice Bar. They have three cleanses to choose from and I’m currently doing the Essential Cleanse. It’s $42 for 6 juices with the mason jars included and only $35 when you bring your own jars back for a refill. LOVE this concept and it’s one of the reasons I chose to do it here. It comes with (1) Orange You Glad, (2) Sweet Greens, (1) We Got The Beet, (1) Ginger Greens, (1) Fresh Greens. I bought some lemons in anticipation that I’m going to need to stretch myself with lots of lemon water in between these juices, my plan is to drink one every 2-3 hours. Also I should note that I’m going to drink black coffee and hot tea per my usual.

7:00 am — I started my day with the first Sweet Greens. I personally prefer the taste of a sweeter green juice – I love the pineapple greens juice from this place and it tastes similar. We’re off to a good start!

Side note: I drank one juice before leaving my house this morning and packed 4 in this nifty little insulated carrier I got at Nektar during their grand opening. (Also love their juices and acai bowls!) I left one juice at home so I don’t go all crazy and drink them all at work then starve tonight.

9:30 am — I’m on my 2nd Sweet Greens juice. I’m wondering if you have to go in order at this point because I’m kind of sad I’m about to drink both of these sweet ones and then have two not as sweet green juices later tonight when I’m probably going to try and chew my arm off? *Stay. Positive. Nicola.* I’ve already had over a liter of water though!

Side note: I just gave Anna a snack and realized how often I eat when the kids eat (literal toddler schedule) I’ve had to stop myself from grabbing one of her pretzels like 17 times. Something to take into consideration for the future is the amount of grazing I do on a daily basis. #nannylife

12:45 pm — Third juice is Orange You Glad. I can tell this is the one I’m going to like the most taste wise, went down smooth! I also like knowing I’m getting some extra vitamin C right now with all this sickness going around.

Side note: I find myself buying things to make myself feel better about this situation. Under eye masks, moisturizer at Sephora, Nike zooms… I better go straight home after work.

3:45 pm — I switched it up and grabbed the Ginger Greens which was supposed to be last… really got in my own head about those last two greens!

Side note: The hunger is real. I’ve had this scenario in my head play out countless times ::see’s delicious food on instagram:: “Ooh I should go there… just kidding.” Jesus take the wheel. Now that I’m thinking about it, the ginger greens isn’t so far off taste wise than the the sweet greens. I shouldn’t be complaining because I feel skinny AF right now & that’s a win in my book.

5:15 pm — On to the Beet juice. I typically don’t love the earthy taste of beets but it isn’t anything I can’t handle. I mean, we’ve come this far!

Side note: I definitely feel “light”. Energy level is normal. I don’t feel like I’m starving. I do feel like my brain has tried to make me think I am.

6:45 pm — Lastly, Fresh Greens for dinner! Unfortunately this is my least favorite taste wise, yet probably the healthiest.

Overview: I feel like it was easier to stretch the juices out in the morning and early afternoon. It was harder for me in the later afternoon and evening but I also drank more in a smaller amount of time towards the end of the day. Seems like it would be the opposite? Either way, I’m proud of myself for finishing a one day cleanse. For those of you who do 3-5 days plus… more power to you! Here’s to making healthier food choices in the future and knowing you can push the reset button whenever you feel it’s necessary. Cheers!

Gift Guide for your Girl on the Go!

Hey all 👋🏼 I’m sure we’re all in a little bit of denial that tomorrow is December 1st (maybe it’s just me?) I want to savor the magic of the holiday season and crossing my fingers that it doesn’t FLY by like November did! I’m trying my best to be on top of it and doing a little shopping at a time, so I’m not hustling last minute. So let’s dive right in to the gift guide…

First of all, it makes me SO happy that velvet is so in right now. The look, the feel – cozy and warm! Secondly, the strap on this bag makes it perfect for holding all your travel size essentials when you’re on the go. AND this little number is only $15!

Quilted Velvet WristletNow, what to put inside? Number one thing is Dry Shampoo! How did you guess?! 😉 This guy is my favorite powder version and it comes in two different sizes at Lush. This is the 1.9 oz for $9. Love keeping it in my car for those days after the gym where I need a little spruce up!

No Drought Dry Shampoo

Tocca Hair Fragrance

One amazing product I came by on accident at TJMaxx one day was this Tocca hair fragrance. I had never even heard of it before but I knew I had to have her! It’s like the fragrance and dry shampoo working as a dynamic duo! Genius. (I also saw they sell this at Sephora)

Next on the list is this LIFE CHANGER of a credit card holder called the “pocket” by casemate – it sticks, very strongly I might add, to the back of your cell phone case. I LOVE IT. If I need to run into the store quickly, just bring my keys and phone and don’t have to worry about holding a purse.

Case-Mate Pocket Every girl loves a good roller ball fragrance! Also a key item to keep in the car for when you go meet some friends for a drink after work and need a re-up! One of my favorites is this Tory Burch scent Bel Azur. And who doesn’t love a cute EOS lip ball?! Their holiday flavors out and I love how easy they are to find in my purse! That’s what we call a Win-Win.

Tory Burch Roller Another brand I came by on a whim and ended up loving was Winky Lux. They have these adorably packaged lip balms that apply clear but turn a shade of pink on your lips depending on your skins’s PH level. So cool right?! They’re $14 and I found mine at Belk and I’m sure they sell them at other department stores as well.

Winky Lux Glimmer Balm I hope you enjoyed the gift guide ideas because I had fun finding them! If you have any questions feel free to reach out & Happy almost December friends! ❤️

DIY “Ripped” Leggings

I LOVE the aesthetic of these “ripped” leggings. These two brands (Alo & Onzie) are a couple of my favs – still functional yet so cute and on trend. The price point isn’t too high but at the time I didn’t want to splurge until I knew I could rock these bad boys… SO I decided to create my own. I used a pair of 90 degree leggings from TJMaxx or Marshall’s that were probably in the $15 range so no biggie if there was a mess up.



Alo High Waist Ripped Warrior

Onzie High Rise Shred

I turned to YouTube to figure out how to achieve this look for less. I learned that the easiest way would be to lay them flat on the floor, folded in half with the front of the leggings folded facing towards you. I kept the pant legs together instead of doing them separately because I wanted to have a symmetrical look. If you need to try them on first to eyeball where the cuts should go then do that 🙂 I just kind of went for it!

I did longer and shorter cuts and also played with the distance between them. Have fun with it! I also trimmed the bottom hem because I like the way it hits just above my ankle. I’ve found that this elongates my legs as opposed to having them scrunched at the bottom. Here is the finished look!

IMG_7804 (2).jpg

Appropriate for work or a work out! Let me know how yours turn out — or use the links above to purchase the Alo or Onzie brands… Happy Sunday y’all!

Transitional Tights

Thanksgiving is almost upon us! I can almost taste the stuffing and mac and cheese (what I’m most looking forward to). You know… carbs. I will most definitely be wearing stretchy pants for the marathon eating.

I found these floral mono b brand leggings at my yoga studio, Yoga One, and fell in LOVE with the print. My first thought was “I can’t wait to wear these to brewery yoga on Thursday!” Second thought, “They’re kind of like my floral jeans but more comfortable…” Conclusion being — I’d be able to throw on a flowy top or sweater, add cute shoes or boots and voila! Thanksgiving outfit! I am all about the functional yet adorable pieces.

These quilted slip on shoes are from Target (last season) but this year they kept the olive and also sell a black pair as well. I do have to admit they’re a bit stiff and give me blisters – I’m working on doctoring the heels for more comfort – but they’re too cute not to wear when distance walking is not required. This sweater is from the Loft a few years ago, I love their Lou & Grey line!

Wherever you are next week, and whatever you’re wearing — I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends ❤️