27 point Assessment (@theperformanceu)

Local businesses had some pretty sweet Black Friday deals, I didn’t buy anything but I DID take advantage of this offer one the SweatNet promoted (thanks guys!) A free 27 point assessment at the Performance Unlimited & a mini workout afterwards. Erin + Grace tagged along to get some pictures, so I’m happy to share in more detail what we did.

I worked with Billy (@freedomtoperform on insta) and we started out with an injury history. He said it is the most important part and starting point for all that they do. I let him know I sprained my ankle in high school soccer, no broken bones/surgeries in the past or current injuries (praise be!) The only thing that is prone to bothering me lately are my knees. I spin a ton & I think tight hip flexors and growing quads are a factor in that. He described that our knees are a stable joint, our ankles below and hips above being more mobile joints and that’s why our knees can tend to take the brunt of it sometimes.

He explained that they look at the body through this assessment as one working unit instead of concentrating on one area at a time. It made more sense to me after going through the Functional Movement Assessment. Here I maneuvered through various positions, doing them three times each. This is so they can see how you move (unloaded) through patterns typically found in their training process.

Some were challenging! From my understanding, if you experience any pain or discomfort during these movements, they’d then stop and use these tools to pinpoint exactly what movement is causing it (Functional Movement Screen). I luckily had no issues other than soreness from my workout the day before. It was interesting to see the difference in sides of my body in terms of flexibility. I could tell I was able to passively stretch my left leg further than my right leg (as opposed to active when someone can assist you). We also moved through some stabilizing poses.

The next thing we did was the range of motion assessment which allows them to isolate specific joints and see how they move. More specifically, how it can affect the movements we did during the beginning assessment (overhead squat, lunge, etc.) I mentioned my shoulders and chest are usually tight, I feel cramping under my clavicle at times. Up until now I’ve just been trying to stretch using a door frame and using a lacrosse ball to roll on a wall. Billy showed me some CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) to add to my daily routine and should help my range of motion.

Lastly, we did some loaded movement based on the information they gathered. This gave me a better idea of what their training process looks like and helped them to understand how I move might change with weight in my hands.

All of the people I came in contact with at the Performance Unlimited were so friendly and super knowledgeable! I’m thankful for the SweatNet connecting with them and helping me to step foot in and see what they’re all about. They KNOW their stuff and I highly recommend checking them out if you’re at all interested in what they do! They’re currently offering a 30 day trial period for anyone that wants to experience their process, training & culture for $89. Anyone interested would start with going through the assessment process as I did!

If you have any questions, please let me know! Or contact Billy Ward at bward@theperformanceu.com.

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