Megababe Review!

Hey y’all! I came across this product on Instagram and have been meaning to scoop it up to try for weeks now. Finally purchased online and afterwards I realized it’s available at Ulta (but it came in this adorable pink package so whatevs!) The brand is called Megababe, founded by Katie Sturino (@the12ishstyle) and she created a non-toxic deodorant, anti sweat boob spray & anti chafe stick.

I personally have been on the hunt for a quality non-toxic deodorant for years. I have tried numerous brands, some were horrible and I smelled disgusting within hours (coughtomscough), others barely cutting it but unable to reapply because of irritating ingredients (pit paste) and a lot in between. I know others struggle with this as well, especially in the fitness community because we’re pretty stinky humans and have to reapply throughout the day. Honestly, I’ve gone back and forth using natural deodorant to using the mainstream aluminum shit that’s bad for you just because 1. It’s easy to grab at the grocery store for convenience sake and 2. I don’t want to feel self conscious and always smell checking myself just in case!

I also have been blessed with thick thighs that “high five” as the Megababe package says (um, love that!) I GET CHUB RUB. There I said it. Yes I used to put deodorant on my inner thighs before wearing shorts, a skirt or a dress. Yes it would wear off, unfortunately before the end of the evening and ultimately create painful chafing OW. Therefore I purchased both Rosy Pits and Thigh Rescue. (I didn’t purchase the Bust Dust because ain’t nothing stopping this girl’s boob sweat and I choose my battles wisely.)

I want to mention that I could smell the Rosy Pits as soon as I opened the package. It’s not an over powering scent but think roses mixed with sandalwood, it’s like the perfect mix of sweet and woodsy. The first day I tested it, I applied it in the morning before a madabolic workout. I’m a nanny so I usually just put on a fresh pair of workout clothes (no shower, lucky kids) and go about my day. No residue on my clothing. I did not have to reapply AND I did not smell like a sweaty monster. JOB. WELL. DONE.

For the Thigh Rescue test, I got all gussied up. *RARE OCCURRENCE* Ladies & Gentlemen, if you get chub rub and are looking for a fix, THE HUNT IS OVER!!! I was skeptical, not going to lie. When I applied this there was an oily consistency to it that made me think “well how the hell is that going to work?” It didn’t seem thick enough or something. I went to a wedding, that evening and walked a couple blocks to the reception from the church in the southern heat which is the ultimate test. At the end of the night, thighs were unscathed! Black magic. I don’t have the scientific answers but it freaking worked wonders! I’ll post a picture of the back with list of ingredients below.

While you’re at it, go follow @megababe and @the12ishstyle on Instagram. She’s pretty effing cool (and v smart) THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS PRODUCT! You’ve officially saved my pits & thighs this summer. Oh also, if you try and are not happy with the product you can return for full refund! How bout dah.

“If you’re anything less than mega happy with your purchase, we will gladly take it back for a full refund. Please shoot us a note at with your order number and the products you’d like to return and we’ll take it from there!”

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